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Stretch and Fresh

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Food storage can be done best if you have Stretch and Fresh. It helps you to store food properly without being spoilt. This is the magic of Stretch and Fresh. It is a long-term solution for food storage. It is also easy to fit the wrap to containers of any mold.

The product can be pulled to any shape, to fit any container. The quality of the material with which it is made ensures it is stretchable and lasting. The product is of silicon material, and has many useful features. The food is stored without contact with air, and kept fresh without contamination. The food remains for a long time in just the state when it was put in. It remains crisp, delicious and fresh.

This is a wonder wrap that replaces foils and other food wraps. This wrap can be used on all types of containers; it stretches nicely and fits properly. On comparison with other food wraps ad covers, it is found to be highly inexpensive and reliable. It is convenient for use when compared to other conventional food wraps.

The unique product features makes it outstanding among its competitors

  • The product has a firm grip to hold any container.
  • The product can be stretched up to 3 times its actual size, which makes it convenient for use on any containers.
  • It can be put to use in a microwave oven.
  • The product can be used safely in a dish washer, since it withstands temperature.
  • The product can be reused.
  • This provides for easy storage of food.

    Wonder wrap

                    Stretch lids

The product is not at all costly, and thus saves you a lot of money. At just $ 14.95, you get a whole pack of Stretch and Fresh. A reasonable price anyone can afford to pay.

You do not have to seek out bowls that suit the grip. You can do bulk cooking and keep the food fresh, by using this wonderful wrap. It stays that way for long.

The reusable property of the product makes it eco friendly. The product has a fantastic stretchable property, allowing you to use it on more than one size of container. And it doesn’t hurt either that you can microwave food covered over with it.

Start using the product and see how it is useful as a food storage wrap. Purchase your own pack now!

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