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Stretch And Fresh For Healthy Fresh Food

Stretch and Fresh

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Food storage has been made easy and fast with the new Stretch and Fresh. An innovative way to store food, this lets you keep food fresh, delicious and crisp for a long time after it’s been prepared. With this wonderful container wrap, not only is it easier to preserve the food, but also to find space to store it in. This is a lid that can be used to cover any size and shape of container. It is made of stretchable and durable silicon material, which is very convenient. The stretchable property makes it possible to be used on a container or bowl of any size, and the durability allows for repeated use.

The food kept covered with Stretch and Fresh remains healthier and tastier than that wrapped in aluminum foil. This encourages the preparation of food in bulk. You no longer worry about storage since it can be ideally put on any container and stored. You can use this to store food when you are out on travel, or take food to the office, after it’s been ensured air and liquid tight.

Besides being able to stretch and fits onto any container, this wonderful food seal offers an enhanced grip that lets it stick onto the container without use of a rubber band or such. It can be stretched to up to three times its size. In addition, it is long lasting. You can clean it once in a while, and this would in no way interfere with the quality of the grip. The reusable quality makes it more convenient because it becomes cost effective. It is very durable also. Since Stretch and Fresh can be used repeatedly, it makes it convenient for you to have it ready for any time you have leftovers after a meal. You do not have to waste money on other wraps, and foils which are in common use, and which have to be thrown off after a single use.

Stretchable and durable

                 Stretchable lid for fresh food

Stretch and fresh is usable in microwaves and can also be refrigerated. It withstands intense heat and cold, ranging from temperatures inside oven to freezer. This quality makes it convenient to be used on any containers, and anywhere on your convenience.

The product can be used safely in a dishwasher. This way cleaning is made easy. It can be used for a single person or for a family, and for use in party servings also.

Easy storage is another feature because it stores flat. It has a lifetime warranty and comes in a pack of four, of different sizes, for $! 4.95 plus $ 5.95 shipping and processing charge. Another pack of four is free for additional S&P charges of $5.95. So buy it now!

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